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Sedimented Reputation Index® (SRI®)

Historical Embedding

The Sedimented Reputation Index® (SRI®) models the historically grown reputation that is incrusted in public memory. SRI® provides for efficient analysis, against a historical background, of the current profiles of companies and organizations subject to public debate.

Long-term Perspective

The procedure, developed by commsLAB in collaboration with the University of Zurich Center for Research on the Public Sphere and Society (fög) allows monitoring of long-term, reputation changes.

Key Events

The methodology stems from the insight that reputation of an actor is defined not only by current events but also, to some extent and for a period of time, by past events that have attracted public attention. It takes account of the fact that, in the long run, major high-resonance events determine the reputation dynamics of organizations and companies.

Economic Impact

The SRI® combines in a unique manner the effects of resonance and reputation in a long-term perspective. Empirical research shows a high correlation between business and reputation dynamics of companies prominent in the public sphere.

Positioning of Swiss Companies in the Public

With a continuous analysis of the medial-mediated reputation of the Swiss economic sector and its companies, commsLAB and the Research Institute Public and Society (fög) of the University of Zurich provide new explanatory patterns for the perception and positioning of companies and sectors, complementing conventional economic data bases or market research data.

Reputation Monitor Swiss Economy

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