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All services of commsLAB are consistently geared toward a comprehensive understanding of reputation management as the foundation of profile compliant communication and operations.


Scientifically validated

Our services are based on scientifically validated and empirically based fundamentals. Furthermore, our clients are continually involved, as we know that an authentic organization profile cannot be externally imposed.

Business, Politics, Society

Our services are tailored for organizations from the business sector, politics and society as well as individuals. 

Profile Compliance & Strategic Consulting

Profile-compliant control of strategy and communication

Reputation management is not a beauty contest! The objective of successful reputation management is rather to secure lasting recognition, both internally and externally, for the organization’s profile, understood as the intended, designed essence of the organization.

Profile compliance

The organization’s profile has a key function in the management of the recognition of the organization – both within the organization and externally.

Corporate Profile and Profile Compliance

Closing the Gaps

The point is, to close the “gaps” between one’s own profile and the internal, unintended self-characterizations, on the on hand, as well as the external characterizations by others on the other, and to refrain from any activity that could undermine the authenticity of one’s own profile.

Profile-compliant control of strategy and communication

Reputation Check & Positioning

KPI system for controlling strategic communication and risk management


Determines the importance of the individual reputation parameters for one's own positioning in direct competition comparison. Reputation parameters are used as KPIs. They provide information about which dimensions are developing positively and where exactly action is needed.

Impact Analysis

The impact analysis provides an innovative benchmarking perspective reflecting the effective influence of the individual drivers on one's own positioning in the overall context of the relevant actors and discourses.

The analysis shows, among other things, relative competitive edges or deficits in a defined sector along the individual fields of action.

Impact: Importance of the individual reputation parameters for one's own positioning

Implementation-relevant KPI System

Establishment of an indicator system (reputation parameters) for a better control of one's own positioning and communication.

Mediation of fundamental findings on the opportunities and risks of strategically oriented corporate communication.

Implementation-relevant KPI System

Reputation Analysis

Intelligent monitoring tools with a innovative and field-proven methodology (SRI®)


We provide no off-the-shelf analyses. Every reputation analysis project begins with an in-depth discussion with the partner organization. Beyond general parameters, every project is customized to the organization’s specific requirements and characteristics

Targeted Monitoring​

  • Measures reputation and response of peers.

  • Shows how they change over time.

  • Shows what attention the organization's activities receive.

  • Recognize the relevant topics associated with the organization.

  • Lists the central positioning fields and shows their dynamics in a competitive comparison.

  • Identifies reputational risks and unused opportunities.

  • Identifies actors who appear as "influencers" or opinion leaders in social media.

Reputation Monitoring: Benchmarking Peers

Scalable Setup

Arbitrary, modular expansion stages based on the specific needs of the organization

  • Integration of additional peers

  • Integration of specific news media/trade publications

  • Integration of social media like Twitter (Facebook and other social media channels with restrictions)

Reputation Monitoring: Benchmarking sector / own history

Sector Benchmarking

Monitoring of Economic Sectors in Switzerland


Embedding of company- and sector-specific reputation dynamics in an overarching macroeconomic context. Since 2004, the Reputation Monitor Swiss Economy is continuously analysing the reputation of the most important Swiss economic sectors on the basis of its individual companies. It currently analyses 127 companies from 18 sectors.


New explanatory patterns and analyses with relevance for the areas of strategic communication, marketing and economic research.

Media sample from 21 Swiss lead media:

10 vor 10 (SRF), 20 Minuten, 20 minutes, Bilanz, Blick, Blick am Abend, Finanz und Wirtschaft, Handelszeitung, Le Journal (RTS), Le Matin, Le Matin Dimanche, Le Temps, L’Hebdo, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, NZZ am Sonntag, SonntagsBlick, Sonntagszeitung, Tages-Anzeiger, Tagesschau (SRF), Weltwoche, Wochenzeitung.

Sektor Benchmarking: Reputation effects

Selection criterion

Our analyses are based on tailor-made content qualification, structuring and rating of reputation-relevant, publicly accessible information on grounds of national and international origin to public companies and organizations.


Consequently, only those contributions are encoded that pertain to reputation, i.e. those that really can have a reputation-forming effect in the public sphere due to coverage of the relevant issues.

Sektor Benchmarking: Media awareness

Issue Management

Selection and pricing of strategic issues


Continuous early detection and in-depth analysis of communication events ("issues"), which affect the fields of action of the organizstion. Systematic tracking of news media and social media for the purpose of agenda setting as well as in-depth analysis of selected strategic issues.


Issue management is the systematic and structured process of finding, selecting and prioritizing organizational strategic issues at an early stage and proactively, as well as deriving and evaluating measures in a timely manner.

Issue Monitoring Process

Systematic scanning of all issues since 1998

Daily evaluation of lead media, no thematic restrictions on emerging issues

  • What topics dominate the public debate or lose importance?

  • What are new topics on the agenda?

  • Which topics affect the organisation's fields of activity (strategic issues)

Level 1: Scanning of stategic issues
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Reputation Monitoring: Benchmarking Peers