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Many established reputation management approaches share the objective of achieving the most positive reputation possible with a focus on an increase in popularity. This strategy is not only wrong, but it is dangerous. Reputation management is not a beauty contest.

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Profile Compliance: Closing the Gaps

Reputation management is not a beauty contest! Rather, the objective is to secure lasting recognition for the designed corporate profile, both internally and externally:

  • Profile-compliant control of corporate positioning

  • Decision basis whether public appearance needs to be corrected

  • Decision basis whether strategic course corrections need to be made

KPI: Reputation Check & Positioning

KPI system for controlling strategic communication and risk management:

  • Determines the importance of the individual reputation parameters for one's own positioning in direct competition comparison

  • Analogue KPIs provide information about which dimensions are developing in a positive way or where there is a need for action

Intelligent monitoring tools with a innovative methodology

Intelligent monitoring tools with an innovative and field-proven methodology (SRI®, Impact) as well as a unique data base  (structured data sets from 1998 to date):

  • Reputation profile: Benchmarking competition and own history

  • Media agenda and key reputation parameters

  • Unique method for measuring long-term reputation dynamics

Sektor Benchmarking: 154 companies from 23 sectors

Embedding of company- and sector-specific reputation dynamics in an overarching macroeconomic context (continuously since 2004):

  • 154 Swiss companies and organisations

  • from 23 different sectors

  • in 22 Swiss lead media

Issue Monitoring: Selection and taxation of strategic issues

Selection and taxation of explosiveness of strategic issues:

  • Continuous early detection and in-depth analysis of communication events ("issues") affecting the fields of action of the organization

  • Systematic tracking of news media and social media for the purpose of agenda setting

  • In-depth analyses of selected strategic issues 

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